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The Turtle Restaurant, The Turtle Gelateria, The Turtle Enoteca



About Us

We feel that the enjoyment of good food and conversation is essential for happiness. We are dedicated to the revival of the kitchen and the table as centers of pleasure, culture, and community. We advocate the return to conversation centered leisurely meals. Our food is scratch made.Our menu changes periodically in order to provide you with the freshest possible produce and a variety of taste experiences.

We make some of the world's best gelato Gelato means ice cream in Italian, but it also means lower fat and more flavor. Taste one of our twelve gelatos with their creamy genuine flavors - you'll never eat "ice cream" again.

Chef doesn't make our Turtle burgers out of just any cow. He uses Texas grown Akaushi beef for it's taste. Akaushi beef is a natural source of oleic acid, the same compound found in olive oil. Oleic acid is a heart healthy part of our diets and gives Akaushi a delicious buttery taste. Try one for lunch at the Turtle Restaurant or in the Turtle Enoteca. Tornado potato fried in peanut oil. Tastes good, good for you. Hand made thin crust pizza. Our steaks are USDA Prime. Casual or fine dining...we have you covered.

Bartenders Chris and Cynthia are award winning cocktail mixologists. Reward yourself, they'll create a signature cocktail just for you because you don't drink mix or bottle sours. Drink real juice. Select from 20 wines on tap and over 100 different bottles in our library. Come as you are. Be unique.

The Turtle event garden is a beautiful space for outdoor gatherings, weddings, reunions, all kinds of get to gathers!!